Sunday, November 4, 2007

Madeline's Card!!

This card my daughter Madeline made a few weeks ago!

Madeline is 11 and loves to go to my desk and stamp!!

She is a great artist, has always been the best in her art class at school!

Until this year when she decided to learn to play the violin and now she tells

me she doesn't like art so much! Maybe because do so much art at home...

Madeline has so many talents & interests.

She has always loved animals and wants to be veterinarian when she grows up!

She also enjoys designing clothes, sewing & anything to do with the computer!

This year she is in 5th grade and has a school laptop for the year!

They use the laptop all day long & bring it home to do homework!

Boy I wish we had that when I was kid!! We did not even have computers!

So I hope you have enjoyed learning more about Madeline!

Enjoy her cute card too...


Gina Wrona said...

Great card, just like her mother, eh?

Lauren (mytime) said...

WOW!!! Does she ever have a future in Paper rafting-martha Stewart watch out!!! She did an amazing job :D Better than some adults.