Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!
This picture is of my NEW Niece, Ariana she is 3 months old..isn't she CUTE? My brother Jacob & his Girlfriend Latrisha are the proud parents!!
I know it's not New Years yet.....we still have a few hours to go but I thought I would share
my News Year Resolutions with you,
1. No More Swearing, YES I love to use bad words in my vocabulary, so I have decided to STOP all together, since Myles' favorite word is M..... F.....! Well it's my fault so I have to change!
2. Eat better FOOD!! No more fast food
3. Learn to COOK, well this would definitely HELP with #2!! Not just Mac N Cheese either, real MEALS! I bought some COOK BOOKS so that should help!
4. Step Up my STAMPIN UP! Business, do 3 workshops a month!!!
That was husbands IDEA!! I think he wants me to make some $ with SU! I know how to I have just been LAZY.....NO MORE LAZINESS in 2008!!
5. You'll LOVE This ONE....Focus on My BLOG....POST EVERYDAY!!!!
6. GO TO CHURCH!!!!! Get involved with a local church!! Since we moved back from GA, 1 1/2
Years ago we have not attended CHURCH, shame on ME!!!
7. Get Organized!!! No more Paper Trail of Bills & School Papers!!!
8. Make my Car Payment ON TIME!!!!! it just slips my mind....
9.Get my KIDS to complete there HOMEWORK every night before 9PM!!!!
This is just a FEW of my New Years Resolutions!!!!!
I hope you have a SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Post It Note Holder.....
I am so sorry I have been gone for so longgggggggggg...........
I have been sick with my MS, this time of year is when I have my MS Exacerbation.
I guess my body doesn't do well with all the holiday stress!!
So I have been very weak & tired.
I have been sleeping and resting. Not any stamping!!!
This post it note holder I made for my craft fair.
These are so much fun and easy to make. Great teachers gifts!!!!
I got my New Stampin' Up! Spring Summer Collection!!!!!
All I can say is OH MY!!!!!It's AWESOME!!!!!!!!
I have to have everything!!
I got my catty in the mail was my complimentary catty from SU!
I have not received my pre-ordered catty's yet!!
I love all the New Stamp Sets, Patterned Paper is AWESOME, the color combo's are Great!! New ribbon, beads, punches and more!!!
The cover is Groovy Guava and is beautiful!!
My Pre-Order is coming tomorrow!!
Brown is going to deliver my New Pre-Order
with My New Stamp Sets
for me to play with
So come back tomorrow for a Pre-View of New
Art Work!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Lunch Boxes...
From My Craft Fair!
Sorry I have not posted in a while...
I have been so busy with this craft fair I did last weekend.
When I spend so much time Stamping & Paper Crafting, I actually get
tired of Stamping and don't even want to touch my craft desk!
It's been a week and my desk looks so lonely!
I wonder if anyone else ever feels this same way,
If you do I would love to hear your comments!!
Well my craft show was really slow, we got 12 inches of snow Saturday & Sunday.
I only sold a few things but got some new customers
So I guess it wasn't a total loss!!
My Lunch boxes were decorated with Contraban Paper
I can't remember what company the paper came from.
I had bought it last year!!
So I hope you will enjoy looking at my Lunch Boxes!!!