Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!!!
This picture is of my NEW Niece, Ariana she is 3 months old..isn't she CUTE? My brother Jacob & his Girlfriend Latrisha are the proud parents!!
I know it's not New Years yet.....we still have a few hours to go but I thought I would share
my News Year Resolutions with you,
1. No More Swearing, YES I love to use bad words in my vocabulary, so I have decided to STOP all together, since Myles' favorite word is M..... F.....! Well it's my fault so I have to change!
2. Eat better FOOD!! No more fast food
3. Learn to COOK, well this would definitely HELP with #2!! Not just Mac N Cheese either, real MEALS! I bought some COOK BOOKS so that should help!
4. Step Up my STAMPIN UP! Business, do 3 workshops a month!!!
That was husbands IDEA!! I think he wants me to make some $ with SU! I know how to I have just been LAZY.....NO MORE LAZINESS in 2008!!
5. You'll LOVE This ONE....Focus on My BLOG....POST EVERYDAY!!!!
6. GO TO CHURCH!!!!! Get involved with a local church!! Since we moved back from GA, 1 1/2
Years ago we have not attended CHURCH, shame on ME!!!
7. Get Organized!!! No more Paper Trail of Bills & School Papers!!!
8. Make my Car Payment ON TIME!!!!! it just slips my mind....
9.Get my KIDS to complete there HOMEWORK every night before 9PM!!!!
This is just a FEW of my New Years Resolutions!!!!!
I hope you have a SAFE & HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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Jan Scholl said...

Cuter than the Gerber baby! (do they still have that baby on stuff? Time to update with this beauty)

I never used to cuss beyond a damn or a s**t, but then I watched the Osborne's the first year. NOt a good idea even if I did laugh my a** off. NOw I cuss-usually when I am alone at least-but the cats hear me!