Friday, December 7, 2007

Lunch Boxes...
From My Craft Fair!
Sorry I have not posted in a while...
I have been so busy with this craft fair I did last weekend.
When I spend so much time Stamping & Paper Crafting, I actually get
tired of Stamping and don't even want to touch my craft desk!
It's been a week and my desk looks so lonely!
I wonder if anyone else ever feels this same way,
If you do I would love to hear your comments!!
Well my craft show was really slow, we got 12 inches of snow Saturday & Sunday.
I only sold a few things but got some new customers
So I guess it wasn't a total loss!!
My Lunch boxes were decorated with Contraban Paper
I can't remember what company the paper came from.
I had bought it last year!!
So I hope you will enjoy looking at my Lunch Boxes!!!


giovana said...

Nice boxes. I hope you can sell your stuff soon. Sometimes I feel like you. I don't want to do anything, not even house chores LOL.
Have a great day!!!

Gina Wrona said...

That's great, new customers, new blood, kwim? Did your lunch boxes sell? I've always wanted to do them, but then wasn't sure what to charge for them to make a little bit of profit for my time & effort let alone supplies.
At the craft shows here in MI, my best seller seems to be the giant candy bars wrapped to look like Santa. This year I tried a snowman, but they didn't sell as much as Santa.