Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Technique Wednesday-Week 1

Rock & Roll
1) Tap stamp on light-colored ink pad.
2) Press edges of stamp in a rolling motion on darker ink pad, being careful not to ink the center of the stamp.
1) Always use the lightest colored ink first to avoid getting dark ink on your light ink pad.
2) This technique works best when using a bold stamp image.

This is such a fun way to utilize your stamps. Sorry I am so late today. I had to pack up my brothers apartment. He left for D.C. yesterday. That's where we grew up, his dad is still there.
Hopefully Jacob will go into treatment for drugs. I just have to put Jacob in Gods hands. Please say a prayer for my brother, he's only 19. He's the baby and I'm the big sister! We are leaving for GA on Tuesday, so this week is so super busy!!

Happy Stamping


Anonymous said...


Leah said...

I love to use this technique.

Linda SS said...

I am sorry to hear that you and your family are so worried about your brother. It's such a shame that the younger generation has a hard time dealing with life and feel a need to use drugs or alcohol. He will be in my prayers that he finds the help he needs. God bless you.

Laura Brown said...

Great card and technique to use. I love your color scheme!