Friday, May 8, 2009

Daughters of the American Revolution...
I was invited to share Stampin' Up! at a Tea. They wanted me to offer
a simple project to make. Well I came up with Cute and Simple Bookmark!
All of the ladies went crazy!! They had so much fun making this project...
They have invited me to join there group. I am a granddaughter of DAR.
My mom and grandmother joined this group a long time ago and I thought it would
be fun! I get to Dress up and meet other women. They have asked me to
takeover there Scrapbook!! YEAH!!! We have another tea next Tuesday!
I'll let you know what project we make next!


cadnileb said...

Oh fun bookmark!

Lyn S said...

Lovely project, bet the ladies had a great time making it!

Kathi said...

Everyone can always use a bookmark, so this was the perfect choice for a project. It's also gorgeous, which helps.