Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bag in a Box...
Christmas Style!
I have been playing around with some Gift ideas
for this Holiday Season. I have some craft fairs coming up in
October, November & December.
I learned how to make these cute Bag in a Box
last year. They are so easy and fun to make.
You can fill them up with candy.
Last Halloween I made these for the kids friends.
Tomorrow I will post the directions on my Blog.
I don't feel very Inspired today.
My Grandma is 91 and is very sick.
She has been in a coma since yesterday.
A few weeks ago she fell and broke her hip
and has gone down hill since then.
The Doctor and my Mom & her Sister's desided it was to
dangerous to put in a feeding tube.
She can not swallow, she has eaten or drank anything
in over 2 weeks. My grandma and I are VERY close.
I am her favorite Granddaughter. She calls me her "Duties"
Her house is a shrine to me! Pictures of me everywhere!
She has 11 Grandchildren 18 Great Grandchildren.
My sisters Abby & Ashley,
My brothers James & Eric have not had kids yet!
My children call her Grandma Cotton Top
because she has white fuzzy hair like a cotton ball!
My Aunt Katie said it will anytime now.
I am just waiting for a phone call with the bad news.
So it has not been a very happy week for me.
I am still morning the death of my dog Jade
and now my Grandma. I wish I was with her.
I am going to Minnesota on October 14th for a few days
to visit my mom. My sister Abby is coming from LA at the same time!
We will celebrate my Grandma passing at that time.

Sorry for all the bad news, Thanks for letting me share!
I'll be back tomorrow with a Color Challenge.