Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meet Lucy
the newest member of our family!
Well I did it, got a new puppy and her name is Lucy
we call her LULU. After Jade passed away
I had no plans on getting another dog,
until my daughter Maddy and I were at Wal-Mart
and they were giving these adorable puppies away for Free
I just could not say No to that adorable face!
I knew my Hubby Jason was not going to be happy.
We went to his work and I asked him to come out
to the car and he said "There better not be a puppy in the car"
and there was Lucy with Maddy!
The minute he saw her face and smelled her puppy breath
he was in Love. Now I have lost my hubby to Lucy.
The guy is crazy about her, you would think we had another baby!
He hold's her, put's her to bed in her kennel and get's down on the floor
to play with Lucy! Is it possible to loose your man to a puppy?
The kids are so excited and King and Mossimo
don't seem to mind her either.
Sorry I did not post a tutorial today, My 2 boys
that have hogged the computer's all day. I plan on waking up early to
post some christmas cards I have been working on.

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cindy said...

She's cute:)

Lyn S said...

What a sweet little puppy, hope you are having fun with her!

Hope you had a great Christmas too!

Hugs, Lyn

monikastamp said...

cute puppy! He will be so much fun!