Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday Tutorial...
on Wednesday!!
Sorry I am late, I was behind on this project but love the way it turned out!!
Today's Tutorial is one of my favorites
Stationary Box Holder for 10 cards & Envelopes
It's not my idea and I would love to give credit to the person who
passes this tutorial on to me but I don't know who it is!


1.Take an 8.5" x 11" piece of card stock
score at 5" and 6 on the 11" side
turn you card stock
2.Score at 2" and 2.5" at the bottom
of the 8.5" side of cardstock

3. Cut along the score marks at the bottom up
to the 2.5". Fold up this small flap and glue down

4. Put a 1/4" hole at 3" from the top and 1/4" from the outside edges and from
the inside scores. To be sure the the cards fit, put a card in each pocket
before punching the holes.

5. Put on the front a matching design for the stationary.

6. Run ribbon thru the holes starting from the right side hole
on the front and then go to the next hole weaving in and out.

7. Place the card and envelopes (5 of  each on each side) under the ribbon.

8. Fold up bottoms. Fold together and tie ribbon.

Have fun with project I know I did and It's easy to make!
I used my new paper from the Holiday Mini  Autumn Meadows
and my new stamp set Falling Leaves from the main Stampin' Up! Catalog.


Stamping Stress Away...


Belinda said...

Fun tutorial!

cindy said...

Love the leaf cards. Great job:)