Thursday, January 21, 2010

Garden Whimsy
 Burmuda Bay & Soft Suede
This is an oldy but goody!
This is another one of favorite stamp sets
and it does'nt come out to play to often.
I have a feeling this set could retire this year
just my thoughts. I love making Thank You notes.
Now I just have to use them.
I love to send cards to my stamping friends
and family. My mom is moving on the 1st
and she does'nt do well with change and is having a hard time.
I wish I had the money for an airplane ticket to be with her
during her move. Some people don't welcome change.
Me....I love change and look at it like a new adventure.
If you have been watching my blog you can see we move alot!
We are not military, I just like to move.
Since my hubby Jason and have been together
(almost 15 years) we have moved 34 times.
That's crazy!! It's all ME!! Jason hates to move.
Well I am happy to report that we have been in
the same house for 1 year and we just sign another years lease.
That's incredible for me!
I love my house, the kids school and the nice warm weather.
I think we will be here for a long time.
I hope my card makes you feel happy!
Bermuda Bay and Soft Suede are such peaceful colors.
I'll be back tomorrow with a Valentine's Class
I will be teaching at Hobby Lobby!

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Love the color combo and the way the papers look together!