Saturday, May 22, 2010

Simple Cards!
I love simple cards
and always need a Birthday Card!!
Always need sympathy cards too!!
I am a busy mom to 3 kids
3 dogs and my Wonderful Supportive Husband!
I offer  very easy card classes  monthy!
Simple Cards 
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Leave me a comment and
let me know how or if MS has effected your life?
Do you know anyone who has MS?
Please let them know about my BLOG


Belinda said...

Lovely simple cards and especially like the bird with its patterned paper wing!

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with MS in 2001. However in 2006, I attended a church meeting and asked for prayer specifically to be healed of MS. My MRI's have shown clear since then. I also have had zero symptoms. I am going on 10 years of believing I have been completely healed. My Dr.'s at the time decided I was either mis-diagnosed (although lesions on an MRI are either there or they are not right?) or it is an unexplained miracle. I believe in faith healing. I belive God healed me. MS effects my life in the following way: YOU are now being lifted to the my Lord Jesus Christ, in prayer and petition, for a complete healing. His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I hope you are not offended. I will love lifting you up! I will celebrate what He shows you! God Bless.

Maxine Conrad said...

Hello Melissa,
My sweet sister, Rebecca has had MS for the past 12 or so years. She was in her early 20's when she was diagnosed. The hardest part for me is that I feel completely useless as I am here in the US nad she is in England. I wish I could do more to help her.
It is a terrible disease! One that I don't think gets enough attention.
E-mail me when you get back.

Corie said...

Oh my your cards are just so pretty!!