Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th


September 11th
We will NEVER forget.
A day doesn't go by that 9/11 is not in the back of my mind.
I can still remember what I was doing on that
September day. Taking my Madeline to Kindergarten.
I had to run in the house for something.
When I got back in the car Jason said a plane
hit the World Trade Center
I said it's probably a small plan
nothing to worry about.
When we got to the school I walked
Madeline to her class room.
TVs were on the news everywhere.
The kids were watching the TV
and asking what the name of this movie?
It was bad real bad.
I was so happy to be living in Minnesota
with my family. You see I grew up
in Alexandria VA just a few miles
outside of Washington DC.
I live there for 22 years.
I lived maybe 4 miles from the
Pentagon. Jason's mom worked
at the Pentagon. We prayed all day
that she was okay.
 We did not here from her until 11pm.
She was Okay. Thank God.
It was an exhausting day and weeks of sitting in front
of the TV watching CNN.
We cried for the ones who lost there
lives and family member left behind.
The firemen and first responders
are Hero's and our prayers were with them.
We are so Thankful to men and women
who protect our freedom everyday.
It's great to be an American!

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